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Short term Dog Crate Rental – Gauteng

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Do you need to rent a dog crate?
What are dog crates used for?

Puppy Potty training:  Potty training requires extensive management.  Crate training is an assisted tool for potty training and speeds up the process preventing in door accidents.

Post op care:  Confinement after an extensive surgery is very difficult.  Especially for the active dogs.  If veterinary instructions require confinement (often referred to as cage rest) a crate is safe, and you can move it easily around the home.  This is far better than confining the patient to a small room.  Post op care makes or breaks the success of surgery.

Travel:  Crates provide a safe area for your dog to travel.
Please note wire crates cannot be used for air travel.

What is the right size?
This depends on what you are using the crate for.  Rule of thumb is that the dog is able to easily stand up, turn around with minimum effort and stretch out to its full length when lying down.

Crates are cleaned and sterilized before you collect.
Crate cushions are not provided.  You will need to line the base of the crate with a dog bed or thick blankets.  Please be mindful of the hot summer temperatures, ‘hot dogs’ will prefer a flat base lining as opposed to a high sided dog bed.

Collection and Delivery.
Unfortunately, there is not a drop off or delivery service.
XOC can be arranged by you to courier the crate if you are unable to collect or deliver.
Collection can be arranged at any time with due notice.  The crates easily break down and fold for transporting.
Collection would be from Fourways Gauteng.

Info video on how to set up and break down the crate can be sent to you via whatsapp.

Please contact me if you have any questions about crate hire, or crate training.
You will need to complete a short information form for crate hire.
083 775 1400
I am here to help!

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