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Food licking mats are pieces of plastic with holes, dents, and grooves that you place your dog’s food (or treats!) on top of the mat. Your pup/dog then licks around the mat to grab their food using their tongue.

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This product is an enrichment feeding tool for Dogs and Cats.

Raw/Natural diets – meals are gone in seconds when fed in a dog bowl.  As feeding is the best part of the day for a dog, make it last a little longer (enrichment feeding).

The gluttonous eaters – the Lick mat will slow the eating down (a bit 😉)

Enrichment feeding – Licking is a relaxant and enjoyable past time as it releases serotonin (the feel-good hormone).  Spreading soft food over the mat will have the dog/cat lick the meal instead of gulping the meal.

Co-operative care:  When needing to do basic husbandry e.g. grooming; de-blackjacking; Nail clipping, bathing etc the food mat gives the dog something fun to do whilst you get on with the task.

Food Variations:

  • If you feed commercial food cubes, these can be soaked in a little water or broth until soft and mushy. Spread over the Lick mat.
  • If you feed raw/natural foods merely spread the grammage over the mat.
  • Treat time spreads such as Cesar Tub Food, dog/cat gravy spreads; liver spread; sugar free Peanut Butter, Organic pumpkin and steamed mashed carrots; plain Yoghurt.

Caution:  Any enrichment item MUST be supervised!  Once the food is finished remove the Lick mat immediately.  Denying extended access increases the value of the Mat for your dog.  For safety reasons if you have a dog who likes to tear and shred novel items, once the food is finished remove the Mat immediately.

The Lick mat composite is Food grade, (non-toxic silicone that doesn’t contain any chemical fillers or by products) however if the mat is shredded and eaten by your dog it may cause blockage.
Supervise and remove the mat once the food is finished.

Care & Cleaning
The Lick mat is dishwasher proof.
Scrub the mat with a bristle brush (soap and hot water) to remove any residue food.  The flexibility of the mat makes cleaning easy.
It is NOT microwave proof.

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