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You are a brilliant trainer of people and dogs!

Great Dane


I cannot thank you enough for the valuable advice and training techniques you have given me! I wish every dog owner would consider getting a consult with you when they get a new pet!

Scottish Terrier


We really appreciate your input & help, you have had a huge impact on our lives & the life of our happy pooch!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Stacey, Chris & Bailey


Accredited Canine Behaviourist

Vice Chair Animal Behaviour Consultants of SA

Advanced Ethology Merit

Learning Canine Merit

Qualified Dog Trainer McKaynine Training

Equine Science Witney College UK

Owner of Be The Dog Behaviourist consultancy

Local Magazine Q & A and educational published articles

Samantha Walpole

I live in sunny South Africa.  I am a full time Animal Behaviourist, specialising in Canines, actually… specialising in the people who own the canines.

I am passionate about building relationships and building understanding between dogs and their owners.  Coaching people to see their pets behaviour from the dog’s perspective.  Creating relationships with collaboration and opening up effective communication.

Understanding and guiding my clients step by step to change behaviours kindly and successfully.  Teaching owners how to help their dogs live a happy and fulfilled life.

There is nothing more rewarding than sharing those WOW moments between owners and their dogs.

If you are visiting this page, despite all the research and Googling you have spent hours on, help is here to get you unstuck.


Samantha is currently completing an extensive business coaching course around the animal behaviour industry, improving coaching skills to pass on to her students.

She is passionate about continued education.

“The more I learn, the more I feel I need to learn”.

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