Behaviour Consultations – in home coaching
There is no such thing as a good or bad dog.  It is just behaviour.  Emotions drive behaviour both for us and our pets.  I take a holistic scientific approach to a behaviour and work at both the dogs pace and the owners pace to inflict change.  Understanding behaviour and working out a program specific to my clients is where the magic happens.

How it Works:
-Let’ chat on the phone to start.  Once a basic overview is obtained, I can then advise best way forward.  The ‘discovery’ call is as much an interview for you as it is for me.

  • You will be requested to complete a consultation form. There are not right or wrong answers; just information.  Once returned I will send you soonest dates.
  • As changing behaviour is a process I sell packages of three sessions minimum to ensure successful and sustainable outcomes.
  • Each session is an hour long. Additional ongoing sessions will be advised specific to your case.

Behaviour Consultations on line

I consult with clients in many different countries by use of video platforms.


Both group classes and private sessions off property or at your home.


I know how important your dog is to you. Going away can be a conundrum when it comes to deciding who will take care of your best friend.

Your dog is a big part of your family! My services are ensuring the best possible care of your dog by having him/her as part of my family whilst you are away. The best advantage of this is having your dog maintain his usual daily routine as much as possible; therefore reducing ‘kennel stress’ which is often seen in traditional kennel environments.  The visitors live with me as part of the family mimicking their usual living when with you.  It is priority that your dog feels comfortable in his/her holiday environment.

How it works

  1. To assist your dog in settling as quickly as possible I recommend a pre one night sleep over so your dog is familiar with his ‘home away from home’ before the boarding period. This also gives me an opportunity to assess your dog’s coping skills and ensure my environment is correct for his needs.
  2. Prior to the stay you will be asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire which covers all your dog’s specific needs.
  3. Home boarding includes a daily walk. The type of walk (off lead/street walk/ meander) is specific to your dog’s individual needs and abilities.
  4. If your dog is boarding for a long period, professional grooming can be arranged at an additional cost. This must be pre-arranged.
  5. If your dog is on medication (including insulin injections), this will be given and followed exactly to your written requirements.
  6. Your usual home rules and regulations will be respected and maintained in my home. E.g. allowing dogs on the couch or not.
  7. Prices are charged per calendar day.
  8. You will receive daily updates and photos on daily activities.
  9. You will receive a detailed report back when you collect your dog.
  10. Day care services are also provided.

Behavioural Dog Walking

This is not standard dog walking but more in depth. Taking into account your dogs emotional well being and what they are able to cope with mentally and physically.  Concentrating on building basic life skills and improving off property confidence.  Locations are carefully chosen to ensure both physical and mental safety and well being at all times.

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